If you are unable to check out there are a few of things we recommend trying before speaking to an advisor.

Missing Billing Address
Please check you have a saved Billing Address in your Online Account.
If the account doesn't have this information already saved, you may be unable to progress to the Payment page.

Please exit the Checkout and go to 'My Account' to amend this before trying to complete the order again.

No Delivery Options available
In this case, the Basket you have assembled is not eligible for delivery to the chosen destination at this time. This is due to shipping restrictions on at least one of the items currently in your Basket, or a lack of eligible couriers to deliver that Basket to your chosen Delivery Address.

To proceed, the relevant product has to be taken out of the Basket.

Mailing List Preferences
Usually a small pop-up window will appear in the Checkout to enable you to set your preferences if you haven't done this before. Occasionally, the pop-up may be hidden by blockers and won't appear.

To circumvent this, exit the Checkout and go to 'My Account'.
In the 'Newsletters' section, choose and saved your preferences before trying to complete the order again.

If you encounter any other issues in the Checkout, please contact our Customer Service team for assitance.

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