Brexit and EU orders

How does Brexit affect my order?

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IOSS - Import One Stop Shop

From 28 August 2021 we implemented a new system called IOSS, which allows us to collect VAT on orders to EU below €150 (euros). This threshold is calculated before adding VAT and carriage.

This will mean that orders will pass through Customs smoothly and quickly.

European Union

Orders below €150 (euros)

Between 0 and €149.99 (excluding postage) - Yes VAT and No Duty

  • VAT is added to your goods total.

  • Customers should not be required to pay any additional charges to Customs - if they request an additional VAT payment, please contact our Customer Service Team.

Orders over €150 (euros)

Over €150, with all goods from the EU and or UK - Yes VAT and Possible Duty*

  • VAT is not added to your goods total, but an equivalent amount is added to the shipping costs.

  • *Duty: customers may be required to pay additional charges to Customs on goods that originate from outside of the EU or UK.

UK Customers

We are working hard to ensure that the impacts of leaving the EU have no noticeable effect on our customers, either in terms of the ease of purchasing, the availability of supplies, or the price of the products.

We already purchase goods from countries around the world and have many years of experience in dealing with customs and border requirements. Products bought from EU suppliers will now be treated in exactly the same way and although there will inevitably be additional costs in processing we hope to be able to absorb, or at least substantially limit, these and not pass them on to our customers.

As with deliveries from the UK to Europe, imports into this country may well be subject to additional delays, especially during the first few weeks when the systems are new to everyone, but we are already building up stocks where we can to tide us over this initial disruption.

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