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Searching Products Online
Searching Products Online

How to browse and find products on our website

Updated over a week ago

To help you find exactly what you're looking for, we provide three different ways of browsing through our online products:

By Department

Use the website's drop-down Menu to find the section you are looking for, or a specific Brand of products.
The menu has even more specific sections within each main title.

Once you open any new page, you can also narrow down your search even further using the Search Filters provided.

Search Field

Using the Search feature (or the magnifying glass symbol in the website's mobile version) will allow you to filter through our entire website.

We recommend using keywords only, like the brand or paint type/colours for instance.
You can also search with just a product code, and this will bring up the exact product instantly.
In any case, once you search using any term, you will also be able to narrow down the results using the many Search Filters provided in the results page.

When you find what you were looking for, you can see the product's price, specifications and availability.
If you have any other queries, please contact our Customer Service Team.

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