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Jackson's Art Prize
What is Jackson’s Art Gallery?
What is Jackson’s Art Gallery?

Jackson’s Art Gallery

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Jackson's Art Gallery is a platform which celebrates and promotes the talented shortlisted artists from Jackson's Painting Prize, our annual international painting competition.

We've listed some of our FAQs below.



Can I list my artwork on Jackson’s Art Gallery?

At this time, Jackson’s Art Gallery only showcases the artwork of the shortlisted artists of Jackson’s Art Prize and we cannot take submissions to feature on the gallery.

Submissions to Jackson’s Art Prize are open between 1st December and 1st March each year. To enter, or find out more, go to

Does my work have to be for sale?

If you are a shortlisted artist whose work is shown on Jackson’s Art Gallery, you can submit additional works as well as your shortlisted work to be shown. Your shortlisted work does not have to be for sale, however any additional works submitted must be available for sale with us.

I’ve spotted a mistake on the listing of my artist profile/artwork. How do I update it?

We don’t have a user login portal, so all changes need to be made by us. Pop an email over to outlining the change you wish to make and we’ll update it as soon as possible.

Do you price my work?

No, the price is decided by the artist.


Are the artworks for sale?

If you’re interested in buying an artwork, please send your request through to and we’ll happily pass on your details or request to the artist.

How much will it cost to ship an artwork I buy?

Shipping is calculated case-by-case based on your location and the artist’s location. Our shortlisted artists are based all over the world, so we first have to check if they are able to ship their work domestically/overseas, and then will calculate shipping based on the size and weight of the artwork.

What if the artwork arrives damaged or is not what I expected?

You can buy with peace of mind using our Escrow account service. We’ll hold the funds from any purchases made until the artwork has arrived safely to you.

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