Occasionally the protective brush caps can fall off paintbrushes during packing or in transit, and despite our best efforts packaging them, damage can still occur.

In most instances, any damage caused to brush hairs is temporary and will be self-correcting as soon as the brush is immersed in a liquid, such as water, oil or solvent. Alternatively, the brush can be held over steam.

Many brushes are dipped in gum arabic by the manufacturers in order to maintain their shape. When a brush has not had this treatment it will feel soft to the touch and may appear misshapen. However, in most cases wetting the brush will allow the brush head to regain the intended shape. Brushes that have been dipped in gum arabic will need to be rinsed before use.

Please note: if the brush is being used with any oil-based media you must allow it to dry completely before using.

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