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How do I make a wish list?
How do I make a wish list?

Making a wish list of products

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My Favourites / Wishlist

Jackson’s website has the option to create a personalised Wishlist, which is easily shareable.

Let your friends and family know what you’d really like to receive, and save them the hassle of buying the wrong gift for a special occasion.

Maybe you’re buying something for the artist in your life and you want to check whether a particular product is the perfect gift; you can share the product with multiple people at the same time by sharing your My Favourites list with them.

It's also great for creating a list of items for teachers to share with their students.

How to create a My Favourites list

Once you are signed into your account, you can add products to My Favourites by clicking 'Add to My Favourites', located under the quantity on each product page. This will take you through to the list of the products you’ve selected.

You can also view this list by clicking on the star icon on the top right of the homepage. If you would like to share this list with friends and family, click 'share this' at the bottom right of the page. You can then add an email address and message before sending.

The email will tell the recipient what products are on your list, with the message (if you added one), and links straight to your My Favourites list on Jackson's website, with the option to add each product to their basket.

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