The current UK VAT rate is 20%.

This will be included on all orders delivered to an address in the UK.

Channel Islands orders are VAT exempt - to ensure that this is processed correctly, please set your delivery country to Jersey or Guernsey rather than the United Kingdom.

Rest of the world orders are largely exempt from VAT, however due to changes in international tax regulations and thresholds, we have been required to start adding a sales tax on some destinations (see list below). This fee will be included in your order's total before checking out.

Please note that these rates are set by the country or state and will change only as a result of legislation by the tax jurisdiction in question.

Other countries, depending on the value of the order, do require a customs charge when the goods arrive. Please check locally for levels and tariffs.

Norway is subject to 25% VAT.

Australia is subject to 10% sales tax.

USA orders are subject to local sales tax in Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, Virginia, the rate varies by district. All other states are exempt from Sales Tax.

The Rest of World (RoW) orders are exempt from VAT and Sales Tax, however, you may be asked to pay local tax and customs charges when the goods arrive in the destination country. Please check locally for levels and tariffs.

Post-Brexit July 2021 onwards: EU orders under 150 euros will have the appropriate VAT charged at the point of sale and will not require customs clearance.

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